Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pulling The Trigger On The Engine!

Well, we've had some sad news lately. Our beloved dog, Simone, was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. Last week we had her left rear leg amputated, and yesterday she began her first course of chemotherapy. With this course of treatment, we've been told we can hope for another year with our girl. With that knowledge, we decided it was time to light a fire under this project. So, this morning I ordered the engine/transmission from Mike O'Connor in North Carolina. I thought I remembered him saying he needed a year lead-time. Turns out, he'll start work on our engine next week, and we should see it in five or six weeks time! I have a serious amount of work to do before we can drop it in (or in this car's case under), but we need to be able to take Simone for at least one ride in her car.