Monday, December 3, 2007

Bringing in the Big Guns

Dad and Nancy and Dennis and Mary came to see us for the premier weekend of the play I've been working on, "Goodbye, Charlie". They came to the Saturday night showing, in which we were blessed to have twice the audience with four-times the sense of humor as the night before. After a delightful Sunday morning breakfast at the Broken Yolk Cafe, we hit the garage to see just what I've gotten myself into. It was reassuring to have the input from Dad and Dennis on the wear and tear of the engine. While one perused the shop manual, the other would explain to me just what I was looking at. It was relieving to hear that they seemed to think that this was a pretty well (albeit strangely, in some places) engineered car, and that I could probably handle the rebuild if I stuck to the manual. Dennis explained a few useful tricks to me, like holding the cam chain horizontally to see how worn it is, or checking the bondo'd spot by the gas filler with a magnet to see how thick it was. While checking this spot, he noticed that someone had replaced the gas filler hose with a radiator hose. It's feeling a little thin and squishy, so I'll have to put it on the list of things to replace. It was sure great to visit with everyone and especially nice of them to check out our project.
Until next time...