Saturday, August 14, 2010

Matilda's New Heart is on It's Way!

Okay, so the five to six week time frame turned into fifteen weeks, but that's what you get when you are dealing with an artist. Mike O'Connor has had a pretty busy summer, but haven't we all? I got a call from him a few weeks ago to let me know that the engine was done, had good compression, and that he had installed it into his car to run for a couple of days to make sure there were no problems. It took a bit of time to uninstall it, crate it up, and have the shipping company pick it up, but it is now officially on it's way. He even threw in an exhaust system he had laying around. Heck of a nice guy. So now I need to get the steering rack painted, and have the drive-shafts rebuilt (and do about 250 other small things), and we should be able to drop Matilda off of the rotisserie.

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