Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Matilda is Delayed

In anticipation of Matilda's noontime arrival, we postponed leaving on vacation to Nevada by a day. I have been home all morning waiting by the phone to hear from the driver. A few minutes ago, Gary called him to check and see where he was and was told that he was in North Hollywood. Apparently his truck broke down yesterday and needs a new radiator. He claims he will be on the road in a few hours, and up here tomorrow. If it's anything like his claims that he called and left us messages on three separate numbers (we didn't get any word of this happening), it's not looking very likely.

So, Matilda will not be here today. Drat! We won't be postponing our vacation any longer though, and will be on the road in the morning anyway. We are in the process now of trying to see if they will pull Matilda off the truck and wait until next week to bring her up. Or, if that's not a possibility, seeing if a neighbor might be able to sign for her.

It's a little (okay, a big) disappointment. We were hoping she'd be here and in the garage before we left. But, I guess she'll get here when she gets here. Hopefully she'll be here by next week and then we'll have more to report.

Until then...

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Fresh and Feisty said...

I suppose postponing your vacation makes it hard but if you're not planning on having her on the road until 2010 a day or two won't matter :) Have a great vacation and I'll come by to see Matilda next month (if you're home) when I come down for my massage!