Sunday, June 24, 2007

Matilda's Dimensions

We drove down to Creswell with Chad yesterday to see the Honda at the wrecking yard and check it out as a potential parts car. Bob wasn't there, and there was no dealing to be done again yesterday, but it was fun to see it in person and get an idea of just how small it is.

Matilda isn't much larger than a dollar bill!

To put it into perspective, here are Matilda's specs:

Wheelbase 2000mm (78.7in)
Track: Front 1149mm (45.2in)

Track: Rear 1111mm (43.7in)

Length 3099mm (122in)

Width 1321mm (52in)

Height 1327mm (52.2in)

Length:Wheelbase Ratio 1.55

Weight 550kg (1213 lbs.)
Original cost (1971) $1300
(no extra charge for the sporty side-mirror!)
MPG: Estimates range between 40-60. We're hoping for 60...

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