Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Progress

Our nephew Brendan was kind enough to stick around for a few days after Thanksgiving to give us another hand on Matilda. We continued our stripping of the body. While Brendan used the angle-grinder to wire wheel the old, crusty remains of the weather stripping, I cut the rubber seal and removed the windshield. I also began dismantling the driver's door. Overall, the car is nearly rust free (especially compared to the car parked next to it), but there are a few small spots under the back seat, in each door sill, and inside the window slot in each door.

With brushes in hand, Brendan and I applied Rust Mort to any spot that needed it, and a few that didn't for good measure. According to the instructions, some rust must remain to react with the rust converter, which would explain why some spots seem to have been treated better than others. I also took this time to remove the fenders, hood, and head light bezels. I plan to remove the remaining items from the engine compartment when next I have time, in order to get ready for paint. Before returning Brendan home, we made a trip to Harbor Freight so I could do my part to support the US trade deficit by purchasing some of the finest tools China has to offer (at rock bottom prices!) I picked up various items, including an air regulator/drier and two new gravity-feed spray guns. I'm confident that with such surgical grade instruments, and my finely honed body and paint skills Matilda will end up with a paint job that Earl Scheib himself would be proud of.

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