Sunday, January 13, 2008

Almost Stripped

The last few weekends have been relatively uneventful, or enough so that I've had a little time to get into the garage for some "Matilda Time". This has allowed me time to finish stripping out the engine compartment, and after a long struggle, remove the dash. I've also decided that if I'm going to go this far, I might as well pull everything off of the undercarriage. So today, I removed the spare tire carrier (to be powder coated at a later date), the rear shocks, and generally eyeballed the under-side of the car. I figure that once I drop the rear axle by removing the leaf-springs, that should only leave the monster-size six gallon fuel tank. I'm a little torn as to whether to grind off all the original undercoating and have it Line-Xed, or just clean it up and start the reassembly. I'll probably bite the bullet and start grinding, but I'll need a few days to talk myself into it.


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Anonymous said...

Received a note from Matilda complaining that she is scared. "Pretty soon there will me nothing left of me" she said.
Maybe you need to tell her that all the dismantling is for her own good!!!