Friday, March 14, 2008

1971: A Race Oddity

Click the play button to see Matilda's successful ride on the auto rotisserie.

Sunday we had Chad over for breakfast, and a little "car-listhenics". That's getting exercise by lifting a small car off of a motorcycle trailer. We then unloaded the rotisserie and started setting it up. I had already read the instructions, and watched a video on the proper way to rig the Whirly Gig Body Handler, but that didn't stop us from figuring it out anyway. Actually, Chad had to get to work, and even though I didn't really expect to have it up and running in one day, I had it horizontal by lunchtime! I must say the little car looks pretty cool rigged as it is, and it's going to make the undercarriage work a snap.


Fresh and Feisty said...

And let's have a round of applause for the auto rotisserie. Didn't quite know what you meant in the last post so it was wonderful (theme music and all) to see it in action.

Unknown said...

That rotisserie thing is amazing! Also, it was interesting, for me, to see what a car frame looks like without the other stuff. You all should be very proud. Best of luck!