Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to The Grind(er)

Life has finally slowed down enough to allow me to get back into the garage, and back onto Matilda! It has taken me a bit to get my head back into the project, but I think I have a plan of attack. I've spent the last few weekends sand blasting small parts, and this weekend, I broke out the wire wheel. So now I have the Hood, fenders, one door, various hinges and the rear bumper panel ready for jamb-painting. I had been planning to do the final paint, as well as all of the ensuing body work, myself. Fortunately, I came to the realization a few weeks ago that that would only serve to frustrate me, and drag this project out even longer. So I have decided to find a good body and paint man to do the finish work. I fully plan to have this baby on the road next summer, so that should help. As near as I can figure, I have the passenger door to strip, and I should be ready to start the painting process all over again. It's so nice to be making real progress again!


Rob said...

This is coming along so nicely! Keep up the good work! Finding parts for these are so difficult- I have everything but front sway bar bushings? Let me know where to find the
If you could-

gcs said...

Hi Rob,
Bill Colford ( carries those bushings. He charges 55.00 each for the large ones, and 7.50 each for the small ones. He also has windshield gaskets, some brake parts, various lenses, and upholstery. He's a great resource!