Monday, July 30, 2007

A Body for Matilda!

It's been such a whirlwind lately. We were realizing last week that it's only been a month since our Matilda adventure began. It feels like we've been involved with this project a much longer period of time.

As of Friday the 27th, the parts car had been delivered to Chad's and waits for us to have time to disassemble it. Matilda is still sitting in our garage awaiting the various transplant procedures.

The body hunt intensified over the weekend. We checked eBay again and saw there were three cars for sale in Montana. Debate ensued as to whether or not to pursue them and what all would be involved in picking them up. Then I decided to see if I could find some sort of n600 message board, and amazingly found one on Yahoo! We joined and posted a message to the group telling them we were looking for a rust-free body for Matilda, preferably in Oregon.

Within 2 hours, we had a reply from Wayne in Redmond who said that yesterday his son heard of an n600 without an engine at a wrecking yard called Ira's in....Madras. We couldn't believe it! We called Gary's dad Jim and asked him if he wouldn't mind paying a visit to Ira and checking out the car for us.

Jim called Gary back this morning and said the car looked like it was in good enough shape. Next to no rust, a few small dents, but nothing we couldn't easily handle (especially with Gary's body shop experience). Jim paid for the car for us (a screaming deal at $200), and as it turns out, Gary's sister Teri and her family will be going over for a visit in less than 2 weeks, and offered to tow it back for us. We're lucky that we got it when we did, because the car was slated for crushing in a matter of days. We're just astonished at how this is all coming together...

Next step: Rebuilding the engine!

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Fresh and Feisty said...

Isn't it great when a plan comes together? I am constantly amazed at what one can find on the internet. And how close to home things are!